5 Reasons Email Marketing is Important for Your Business

Email marketing … what exactly is it? And why is it important for your business?

You may have heard it talked about during marketing meetings, or on the internet. But do you know how emailing marketing can work best for you and your business?

First, a definition. The website Email Marketing Reports defines email marketing as follows:

“In its broadest sense, the term covers every email you ever send to a customer, potential customer or public venue. In general, though, it’s used to refer to:

  • Sending direct promotional emails to try and acquire new customers or persuade existing customers to buy again
  • Sending emails designed to encourage customer loyalty and enhance the customer relationship
  • Placing your marketing messages or advertisements in emails sent by other people”

Now we have a definition of email marketing, let’s take a look at 5 reasons why it’s important for growing your business …

1) It’s a great way to reach out to potential customers, and follow-up with them

You have a fantastic product or service to sell. What next? You need a way to get that product or service in front of prospects and persuade them to buy. You need to market.

Nowadays email marketing is one of the most efficient and cost-effective tools in your marketing mix.

Perhaps you have a list of prospect emails you’ve gathered from attending trade shows, or from sign-ups to newsletters and promotions?

If you aren’t using email marketing to build these prospects’ interest in your products or services, then you could be leaving a lot of money on the table.

2) It helps build customer relationships

Email marketing needs balance. You have a list of prospects you’d like to sell to, but the hard-sell in all your email messages is the wrong approach to take.

It’s likely you’ll actually turn away potential customers if all you attempt to do is sell, sell, sell!

The solution? Start to build a relationship with your prospects.

An excellent way to do this is by providing them with valuable content. A series of email tips closely related to your prospects’ wants and needs can be a great way to build trust with them.

3) It builds loyalty with existing customers and motivates them to buy again

Email marketing is a very effective tool for building loyalty with the prospects you’ve already converted to customers.

You could send a discount voucher or special promotion message as a way of letting them know that you value their custom.

Maybe you’ve just brought a product or service to market that’s closely related to, or compliments your customers’ previous purchases? Introducing it in an email can motivate your customers to buy from you again (especially if you include an attractive discount).

4) It can be used to directly sell products or services

Don’t be afraid to use email marketing to directly sell. When done correctly, the right promotional email can generate a surge of orders.

Just make sure that your message is clear, the offer is generous, and the right people are being marketed to at the right point in the sales process.

It’s important to build relationships with prospects first, using the types of email marketing discussed above. Take care never to bombard prospects or existing customers with endless pushy sales messages.

5) Email marketing can be easily measured and improved upon

A quick Google search will turn up many email marketing services. Some popular services you may have heard of (or used) include:


Constant Contact


Services like these make email marketing simple and effective. They each offer different services and benefits, so please do some research to determine which is best for you if you’re thinking of signing up.

One of the most important benefits these services provide are detailed reports that track the performance of the emails you’ve sent.

The reports sent to you will show you email open rates, links people have clicked on, and a variety of other useful statistics.

This information allows you to quickly and easily identify parts of your email marketing campaign that are effective and should be repeated in future.

You’ll also get a clear idea of what doesn’t work, so you can improve that aspect of your marketing and maximize the potential of each email you send out.

Want to find out more about how email marketing can help grow your business? Contact me here and I’ll be happy to discuss your business needs.

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