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People and pets

In April 1983, Philip and Marion Rowlands (and Seamus the boxer dog) welcomed Richard into the world. The young family lived at the time in the small historical town of Haywards Heath, just a stone’s throw from bustling London, UK.

Even from those early days, the Rowlands household couldn’t be considered a quiet place. Young Richard could often be seen noisily laughing and playing around the house or garden with the gentle giant Seamus. Visitors would often comment that the two shared a very special bond.

The Rowlands family continued to grow – both in animal and human numbers. Christian, the second son was next to come along in 1985, followed by the youngest Ben, in 1988. As the family grew, so did their menagerie of pets.

The Rowlands house has been home at various times to Pete the budgie, Baz, Ollie, and Whisky the cats, Seamus and Bertie the boxer dogs, Red, Gold, and Brown the fish, Sniffy the guinea pig, Bobby and Charlie the hamsters, Topaz the rabbit … and even 4 stick insects and a beetle (Richard says he’s sorry but he can’t remember their names!)

New places

But Richard wasn’t destined to stay in one place … his father’s work meant the family lived in several towns and cities across the Southwest of England. From the large cultural melting pot of Bristol, to the riverside market town of Bridgwater.

The family finally settled by the sea in Plymouth, Devon in the late ’90s. Richard entered his final year of Primary school, and later went on to Secondary school and 6th Form College in the city. Following University back in Bristol and a stint of charity work in Plymouth, he set out on his own adventure to South Korea to teach English. Those years had a profound impact on Richard.

He says “I learned to understand people from all walks of life – I learned what got them out of bed in the morning, what fired them up, what they loved, and what they hated.” Richard’s time in Korea, and life experiences up to this point, gave him invaluable knowledge of people and places – knowledge and experience that stays with him even today.

But life just wasn’t the same without a furry friend by his side … So he decided to adopt a shelter pug and named him Bertie (after one of his beloved childhood dogs). Bertie was later brought back to live in the UK (thankfully he was small enough to fit right under the plane seat during the flight!)

Passion for words

Richard had 2 big interests in childhood, animals and words. When he wasn’t playing with one of his pets, he could often be seen with his head buried in a book, or writing stories and observations in a notebook.

He adds, “I knew I wanted to use these two strong passions in my life in any way I could. When I was younger I wanted to be a vet, but I hated the idea of putting animals to sleep. I wanted to save them all! As I became older I continued to write in my spare time, and the subject would often be pets and animals.”

But Richard had no idea how to turn his love of writing into a way to make a living. He enjoyed teaching, because it allowed him to use words to communicate ideas. But being creative and putting words on a page held a special kind of magic for him.

Building a writing business

Richard learned about copywriting from a friend in the business, and quickly realized that this was the opportunity he’d been searching for. A way to combine his love of animals, and his passion and skill for writing.

He was excited at the prospect of helping great businesses in the pet industry to make more money, while using his talents and skill to make his own living.

So he set to work … Over the next year Richard invested his time and money studying copywriting and marketing from the very best experts in the business.

He became a  graduate of AWAI’s Accelerated Program. The same program Bob Bly, a copywriter with more than 30 years experience and author of over 80 books, calls “The best program on copywriting I have ever seen anywhere in any form.”

Richard also studied marketing and writing for the internet, learning from Nick Usborne, top web copywriter and consultant to Yahoo, Microsoft, and Disney.

Armed with his new training and knowledge, Richard launched his copywriting business, helping companies in the pet industry maximize their online marketing potential and stand out from the crowd.

Clients appreciate Richard’s professionalism and enthusiasm. Pet Industry professionals are busy people … Working with someone who understands their industry and how to market effectively online helps them save more time, and make more money.

Richard laughs at the question of whether he enjoys his work these days, “I feel like I was born to do this. I’m always learning more about this fascinating industry, and I genuinely enjoy helping companies to reach more customers!”


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