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The Best Cat Tree for Large Cats: 8 Big and Sturdy Picks

If you’re a caring cat parent, you’ll know that your feisty feline buddy requires a lot of attention. Cats are energetic, and they need to play constantly to keep their bodies active and their minds healthy. But having a big cat around the house all the time means there’s always the potential for mess and destruction.

That’s where cat trees come in. A cat tree is a tall, multi-level structure that gives your cat a place to perch, scratch, and play without wreaking havoc on your beloved furniture. And if you’ve got a large cat, you’ll need a big cat tree to match!

In this article, I’ll take a look at some of the best cat trees for large cats on the market today. I’ll also give you some tips on how to choose the right one for your feline friend.

What Is a Cat Tree for Large Cats?

A cat tree for large cats is a tall structure that provides your feline friend with a place to perch, scratch, and play. Since it’s designed for large cats, it’s usually taller and sturdier than a regular cat tree.

Cat trees for large cats are typically made from sturdy materials such as hardwood and carpet, and they often include features like sisal posts, platforms, and hiding spots. Some cat trees even have built-in extras like toy balls or hammocks for napping.

When shopping for a cat tree, it’s important to choose one that’s tall enough and sturdy enough to support your cat’s weight. Otherwise, there’s a risk of the structure toppling over and injuring your cat. Other key considerations include features, durability, ease of assembly, and price.


What Is the Best Cat Tree For Large Cats?

Here are my top picks for the best cat tree for large cats:

Best Heavy-Duty Cat Tree

Frisco XXL Heavy Duty Cat Tree

1) Frisco XXL Heavy Duty Cat Tree

The first pick on my list is the Frisco 76-in XXL Heavy Duty Cat Tree. This popular cat tree is extra spacious. It’s constructed with durable cover materials, and features hanging toys and a bed that can be removed.

Top Features

  • Spacious top perch for your feline buddy to watch over their domain
  • Not one but two condos for your cat to explore, play, and rest in
  • Rope toy included
  • Multiple scratching posts for ultimate relaxation

Bottom Line

The Frisco 76-in XXL Heavy Duty Cat Tree is a top pick for large cats because it’s extra spacious and has a range of great features, including two condos and hanging toys. If you’re looking for a durable, heavy-duty option that will give your big cat plenty of space to play and relax, this is the tree for you!

The free standing, engineered wooden frame and removable fabric perch covers ensure stability and easy washing, while the wall anchors provide even greater strength and steadiness if needed. This means you can place the cat tree wherever you want with confidence. With five perches, four scratching posts, two roomy condos, plus a hammock and a bed, this cat tree has everything your large cat could want to keep watch over their kingdom in style!

Best Plush Cat Tree

2) Yaheetech Plush Cat Tree & Condo

The Yaheetech Plush Cat Tree & Condo is a great option for a plush cat tree if you have more than one cat. The activity center means your kitties can enjoy a spacious lookout up top, with plenty of places to scratch and play. Cat trees with a wooden frame and plant material ensure durability and sustainability.

Top Features

  • Extra roomy top top perch
  • Large enough for two cats to play together
  • Basket and hammock
  • Eight scratching posts

Bottom Line

The Yaheetech 63.5-in Plush Cat Tree and Condo is a luxurious play area for your cats! This multi-level cat tower has plenty of room for two kitties to run around and have fun all day long. Your furry, four-legged best pals can switch things up as much as they like – taking turns to play on the top lookout perch or nap in the condo, basket, or hammock.

To help your cat develop healthy scratching habits, there are no less than eight scratching posts included. There’s also an additional fur ball – it jingles for that extra sensory touch – and a twine bungee cord. If that wasn’t enough, the design on this 100% cat friendly condo is completely customizable. It allows you to use your own toys if you’d prefer, and change the position of the platform. It’s total kitty heaven!

Best Tree for Keeping Claws Healthy

3) Vesper High Base Modern Cat Tree & Condo

The Vesper High Base Modern Cat Tree & Condo has no shortage of options to keep your large cat entertained or relaxed. With a cubed cubby hole, multiple condos, and a durable structure, it promotes activity and playfulness while ensuring long term usage.

Top Features

  • Extra durable thanks to lacquer crafting and MDF fiberboard
  • Encourage your cat’s natural scratching instinct with no less than 6 scratching posts
  • Memory foam cushions give your cat a luxurious softness
  • 2 perches and a condo for multiple cats to explore

Bottom Line

The Vesper High Base Modern Cat Tree & Condo is a fantastic option for your large cat. Whether they want to explore or lounge around, this condo with its special cube-shaped cubby has you covered! The cat tree features a ball toy attached to the free standing top platform, and super cozy plush cushions that will mold to your kitty’s favorite snoozing position.

Your cat can be sure of a supremely restful nap after exploring the condo, or playing with their pals on one of the two perches. Best of all, the MDF and lacquer construction make this cat tree truly heavy duty, and the scratching posts are made of material your four-legged buddy can really sink their claws into!

Best Cat Tree for Cats That Like to Stay High Up

On2Pets Large Round Modern Cat Tree

4) On2Pets Large Round Modern Cat Tree

The On2Pets Large Round Modern Cat Tree is an innovative cat tree that helps keep your kitty happy and healthy by satisfying their natural instinct to remain high and out of sight. By providing them with an elevated place to scratch, climb, and rest, they can stay active and avoid destructive behaviors.

Top Features

  • Easy assemble with no tools required. 10 min set up time.
  • A trio of perches for your cat to traverse
  • 100% non-toxic materials
  • Inviting silk-leaf canopy your best four-legged pal will love to relax on

Bottom Line

The On2Pets large round modern cat tree is the perfect solution for multiple cats that love to climb high up and roam their own kitty playground out of sight. With three perches for them to explore, they can jump and play all day long without ever getting bored.

Like the best cat trees, the 100% non-toxic materials are safe for your cat, and the easy assembly means you can set it up in no time at all. The inviting silk-leaf canopy is the perfect place for your kitty to relax after a busy day of playing. And with no tools required for assembly, this cat tree is a top choice for anybody looking for an easy and fun way to keep their cat happy and healthy.

Best Cat Tree for Heavier Cats

5) New Cat Condos Large Playful Cat Perch

This robust and exciting perch is the perfect cat tree for bulky kitties. With multiple levels – for multiple cats – built by hand using the finest materials, your large cats will be at home exploring this condo for many years.

Top Features

  • Excellent for households with more than one cat
  • Comes in multiple colors to match your home
  • Fully assembled straight from the box
  • Can support more than 50lbs per level

Bottom Line

The New Cat Condos Large Playful Cat Perch is guaranteed to make your feline friend purr with delight. With two whole levels devoted entirely to playing, jumping, and relaxing, this multilevel cat tree will give you many years of enjoyment.

The cat tree features two natural un-oiled, thick sisal rope scratching posts that encourage proper feline instincts without damaging your home’s surfaces. Unoiled sisal rope, solid wood construction, and household grade carpet come together to create this beautiful cat perch that will keep your kitty healthy and active. And with the ability to hold over 50lbs per platform level, this cat tree is perfect for large cats.

Best Cat Tree for Cats That Love to Climb

6) Midwest Cat Tree and Condo

The midwest Cat Tree and Condo is the perfect choice for kitty cats that can’t wait to get climbing. It features a bolstered perch along with plush benches to rest on, and a high-level cubby to snuggle up in.

Top Features

  • High-level cubby hole perfect for multiple cats that enjoy climbing
  • Made with designer fabric and luxury faux-fur
  • Dangling balls included to encourage play
  • 6 resilient scratching posts

Bottom Line

MidWest have created the perfect cat tree and condo combo, ideal for any home and with plenty of options for your kitties to play or lounge around in on this sturdy cat furniture. The sisal-wrapped supports provide a tough surface for your cat to scratch without damaging your furniture. Plus, the dark fabric is easy to clean in case of any cat-ccidents!

And while your cats are playing, lounging or having a good ol’ stretch and scratch, they’ll feel like the king of the castle atop these high-rise perches with cushioned resting benches. Overall, the MidWest Cat Tree and Condo is a great choice for any cat that loves to play and climb.

Best Budget Cat Tree

Cat Craft Carpet Cat Tree

7) Cat Craft Carpet Cat Tree

The Cat Craft Carpet Cat Tree is the perfect choice for those looking for a way to entertain their kitty and keep them active without breaking the bank. This super tall cat tree has multiple platforms for exploration and plenty of room for more than one cat at once.

Top Features

  • At less than $45, it’s great for pet parents on a budget
  • Easy to install – no tools required
  • Made from durable, machine-wound carpet
  • 7.5ft with adjustable ceiling fastenings

Bottom Line

With Cat Craft’s 3-tier floor-to-ceiling cat tree, your furry friends will have a space all to themselves – and it won’t cost you the earth. With different levels to lounge and relax on, this multi-tiered cat tree is ideal for homes with multiple playful kitties waiting to explore.

The 7.5-foot tall machine-wound carpet tower provides cats with tons of room to climb and scratch. From their perch atop this cat tree, your kitties will rule the roost while enjoying a birds-eye view of their domain. With plenty of platforms to choose from, they’ll never be bored checking out this complex, durable cat tree. And what’s more, you’ll love just how easy it is to assemble!

Best Luxury Cat Tree

Tiger Tough Platform House Cat Tree

8) Tiger Tough Platform House Cat Tree

My final pick on this list is the Tiger Tough Platform House Cat Tree. It’s a truly luxurious cat furniture option for your kitties, with plush decor, lots to relax and explore, plus two hanging balls to entertain and tire them out.

Top Features

  • Five platforms to explore, more than most cat trees
  • Three plush, durable scratching posts to reduce stress and promote healthy claws
  • Soft, comfy cat house for naps and relaxing
  • Spring mounted and hanging ball to keep your kitty active

Bottom Line

Your cat deserves the best of the best, and with the 59.8-Inch Tiger Tough Platform House Cat Tree, they can explore to their heart’s content. With five feet of climbing space, your kitty will be king or queen of this deluxe playhouse.

The soft and plush-covered cat tree has five platforms, three sisal-wrapped scratching posts to help them relax and mark their territory, and an extra fuzzy ball on a spring wand. There’s also a hanging plush ball they can play with until they’re fully tired out from their kitty adventures. And when your cat needs some time to themselves, they can go into their secluded and comfortable cat house for a nap.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the sturdiest cat tree?

The sturdiest type of cat tree is one that’s made from heavy-duty materials and features a strong frame. The Frisco 76-in XXL Heavy Duty Cat Tree is a great option because it’s made from durable cover materials and features a sturdy, engineered wooden frame.

When choosing the right size cat tree for your home, you’ll want to consider the amount of space you have available as well as the size of your cat. If you have a large cat, you’ll want to make sure the cat tree is tall enough for them to comfortably stretch and scratch.

What is the best cat tree for a large cat?

The best cat tree for a large cat is one that’s extra spacious and features plenty of room for your feline friend to play, relax, and explore. Large cats also need a cat tree that’s durable and features a sturdy frame.

What are the benefits of a cat tree?

A cat tree is a great way to enrich your cat’s environment and provide them with a place to play, relax, and exercise. They also offer a number of benefits for you as the pet parent, including:

  • Helping to keep your furniture free from scratches
  • Giving your cat a place to burn off excess energy
  • Providing a safe place for your cat to explore
  • Allowing you to interact and bond with your cat in a fun way

How should I clean and maintain my cat tree?

Cleaning and maintaining your cat tree is important to keep it looking its best and to extend its lifespan. You’ll want to vacuum the fabric surfaces of your cat tree on a regular basis to remove dust and dirt. If your cat tree starts to look worn or dirty, you can spot clean it with a mild detergent and water. Avoid using harsh cleaners or chemicals as these can damage the fabric.

To extend the life of your cat tree, it’s a good idea to place it in an area where it won’t be subject to too much sun or moisture. You should also inspect it regularly for any loose screws or nails, and tighten or replace them as needed.


So there you have it, my 8 top picks for the best cat trees for large cats. If you’re looking for a cat tree for your own feline best pal, remember to consider the size, weight, and activity level of your cat when making your choice. And always make sure to inspect your cat tree regularly for any loose screws or nails.

To compliment your cat tree, why not invest in some fun cat toys to keep your large cat entertained? For example, a separate scratching post is also a great way to help deter your cat from causing havoc to your furniture and keep their paws and claws healthy at the same time.

I hope you’ve found this post useful and that you and your cat enjoy your new cat tree. Happy climbing, scratching, and snoozing!