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The Best Crystal Cat Litter: 7 No-Mess Choices

If you’re a pet parent concerned with kitty care, you’ll know that choosing the right type of litter is crucial. Not only does it make a difference in your cat’s bathroom habits, but a good cat litter can also help keep your home clean and smelling fresh.

While there are many types of litters on the market, crystal cat litter is one of the most popular choices for its absorbency and odor control properties. But with so many crystal cat litters to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is right for your furry friend.

To help you choose, I’ve compiled a list of the seven best crystal cat litters, taking into consideration factors like absorbency, odor control, and dust levels. Read on to discover the benefits, usages, and my top recommendations.

What Is Crystal Cat Litter?

Crystal cat litter differs from other types of cat litter in several important ways. The main difference is that it’s made of silica gel, which is a type of porous sand. This means that it’s very absorbent and can control smells effectively.

Crystal cat litter also tends to be low tracking, meaning there’s less likelihood of your feline friend dragging bits of litter all over your home. It’s also non-toxic, virtually dust-free, and lasts longer than many other types of litter.


What Is the Best Crystal Cat Litter?

Here are my top picks for the best crystal cat litters available now:

Best Crystal Litter for Older Cats

Dr Elsey's Precious Cat Crystal Cat Litter

1) Dr Elsey's Precious Cat Crystal Cat Litter

The first pick on my list for best crystal cat litter is Dr Elsey’s Precious Cat Crystal Cat Litter. Specially formulated for older cats, this hypo-allergenic cat litter can help guard against kidney and UTI issues.

Top Features

  • Formulated to help prevent urinary tract problems and kidney issues in older cats
  • Non-toxic and hypoallergenic cat litter crystals mean your kitty is safe
  • Kills odors on contact
  • Dehydrates feces

Bottom Line

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Crystal Cat Litter not only quickly absorbs a cat’s urine, but it also eliminates the accompanying odor on contact. The crystals in this cat litter trap everything inside, which in turn helps keep a cat’s genital area clean and prevents urinary tract infections.

In addition to reducing odor, the small particle size and fine dust means it can coat and dehydrates cat feces fast! Precious Cat Senior is a hypo-allergenic cat litter that contains no wheat, pine, corn, or paper traces – much gentler for your kitty than traditional clay litter.

Plus, every bag contains a free Litter Box Solutions Booklet to help you really double down on your kitty’s cleanliness.

Best Non-Clumping Crystal Cat Litter

2) Frisco Micro Crystal Cat litter

Frisco Micro Crystal Cat Litter is sanctioned by Chewy’s own pet experts, with a super absorbent non-clumping formula that’ll see you through a whole month.

Top Features

  • Easy litter box cleaning thanks to anti-pooling silica granules
  • Enough cat litter to last one cat one month, saving you money
  • Fragrance free for sensitive homes and kitties
  • Odor absorbent

Bottom Line

Frisco Micro Crystal Cat Litter is a kitty-friendly alternative to traditional clay litter that will lighten your litter box duty.

The silica gel granules are small and quickly absorb liquids while also aiding in the fast drying of solid waste, which means amazing odor control. The sand-sized silica gel granules in this cat litter will help prevent pooling at the bottom of the litter pan, which is ideal for cats that prefer to potty on the side.

Maintaining this cat litter is a breeze too – simply remove any solid waste and stir the cat litter to help the absorbed liquid evaporate. The crystals will remain absorbent for an entire month, and the unscented formula is perfect for fussy cats or more delicate households.

Best Crystal Cat Litter for Sensitive Paws

Ultra Pearls Micro Unscented Crystal Litter

3) Ultra Pearls Micro Unscented Crystal Cat Litter

Ultra Pearls Micro Unscented Crystal Litter absorbs moisture and confines odor at a high grade level. Plus, the cat litter is designed to be gentle on your feline pal’s paws.

Top Features

  • Cat litter is dry to the touch
  • Ultra liquid absorption
  • Reusable liquid reduces waste
  • Superior odor control

Bottom Line

Ultra Micro Crystals Cat Litter offers excellent hygiene for your cat’s health, and for your home.

The silica gel crystals used in this cat litter are a natural mineral made from water, sand, and oxygen that helps to keep unwanted moisture and unpleasant smells at bay.

This crystal cat litter absorbs urine straight away. This leaves the litter dry to the touch, banishes odors fast, and ensures your house stays fresh and clean without any uninvited kitty tinkle stink.

When the moisture evaporates, the cat litter crystals can be re-used for up to a month – making this an environmentally friendly choice that’s also non-toxic and safe for cats since it’s soft on their paws. Additionally, this will help cut down on cat tracking around your home.

Best Premium Crystal Cat Litter

4) PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Crystal Cat Litter

PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Cat Litter arrives in specially designed bags meant to complement the ScoopFree reusable litter tray. It’s lightly scented and free from dust.

Top Features

  • Versatile – can be used with any litter pan or litter box
  • Absorbs moisture and dries waste five times faster than clumping clay
  • Durable formula that means one bag lasts up to 30 days
  • Low-tracking crystal cat litter keep your floors clean and their paws healthy

Bottom Line

PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Crystal Cat Litter will keep both your home and litter box smelling pleasant. The litter is available in two different quantities, and it’s been designed to fit perfectly into the matching ScoopFree Reusable Cat Litter Tray.

This premium-quality litter can also be used with any standard size cat litter pan. Fresh scent? Check. Better odor control than clay or clumping litter? Absolutely!

ScoopFree’s original blue crystals cat litter has got you covered. A single bag of this long-lasting formula can last up to 30 days in a one-cat household – five times longer than traditional litters!

Best Crystal Cat Litter With Minimal Cleanup

Fresh Step Crystal Cat Litter

5) Fresh Step Crystal Cat Litter

Fresh Step Crystal Cat Litter comes in a long-lasting 8lb bag. This litter is no fuss and exceptionally easy to clean. Plus, the crystals are scented to keep your air clean, and they won’t clump in the litter box.

Top Features

  • Beats clay cat litter for locking in smells quickly
  • Cleaner air and surfaces thanks to minimal dust
  • Freshly scented crystals absorb moisture fast
  • Cleanup made easy thanks to lightweight litter

Bottom Line

Crystals? In my cat’s litter box? You bet! Fresh Step Crystals Cat Litter is long-lasting, good at odor control, and gentle on your kitty’s paws. It also makes cleaning out the litter box a much simpler task.

If you’re looking for a crystal cat litter that will last up to one month, simply sift through your scoop and find the unused crystals. This type of cat litter also minimizes dust production, meaning that both the surfaces in your home and the air around your kitty’s litter box will stay much cleaner.

Fresh Step Crystals Cat Litter is an excellent way to keep your pet happy, healthy, and clean. The crystals absorb moisture on contact, so you can rest assured that with this cat litter your furry friend will always be comfortable.

Best Calming Crystal Cat Litter

Dr. Elsey's Stress Protection Crystal Cat Litter

6) Dr. Elsey's Stress Protection Crystal Cat Litter

This crystal cat litter from Dr Elsey’s is almost completely dust free and made with hypoallergenic ingredients. It’s also uniquely formulated to reduce stress while your cat is using their litter tray.

Top Features

  • Locks in odors and urine immediately
  • Free from plant proteins, perfumes, and deodorants
  • Cat friendly and non-toxic
  • Extremely low dust

Bottom Line

Dr. Elsey’s Stress Protection Crystal Cat Litter has properties which could be effective in controlling respiratory disease in cats.

It also has low dust levels and is hypo-allergenic, without perfumes or plant proteins. The calming scents of the natural ingredients in this crystal cat litter, along with its low dust content, can help to reduce stress and improve overall health. These are both important factors in keeping Feline Respiratory Disease under control, whether you have just one kitty or multiple cats.

Do you want to keep your cat healthy and calm, all while knowing they’re using a deodorant-free, non-toxic litter box? This crystal cat litter will quell your cat’s anxieties and ensure they’re never in danger of coming into contact with any harmful chemicals.

Best Crystal Cat Litter for Added Freshness

Frisco Summer Clean Crystal Cat Litter

7) Frisco Summer Clean Crystal Cat Litter

Frisco Summer Clean Crystal Cat Litter is the top choice for pet parents who want to add real freshness to their home while keeping their kitty healthy. It offers 24/7 odor protection and has minimal dust along with low tracking to ensure your home stays clean and tidy.

Top Features

  • Approved by chewy pet experts
  • Locks odors in faster than clay cat litter
  • Round the clock protection traps liquid and cuts down on cleanup time
  • Light summer scent guarantees freshness

Bottom Line

If you’re a pet-lover, you know that one of the most difficult tasks is dealing with a smelly litter box. Frisco’s Summer Clean Crystal Cat Litter has got your back.

With its low dust formula and scent crystals that absorb liquids and get rid of unpleasant smells quickly, this will keep your home fresh and your kitty hygienic at the same time.

Depending on your cat’s habits, you could potentially use fewer bags of litter each month – with one bag enough to last a single cat 30 days. This crystal cat litter formula can provide the 24/7 odor protection that you and your feline friends need, while its low tracking properties help prevent litter messes.

Plus, the added scent brings a much welcome hint of freshness to your home, keeping your cat healthy – and their litter box smelling like summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is crystal cat litter safe for multiple cats?

Crystal cat litter is made from silica gel, which is a non-toxic and safe material for however many cats you’re looking after. However, some crystal litters may contain clay or other materials that can be harmful if ingested.

Always check the ingredients list on the product label before purchasing to double check it’s safe for your kitty. You should also keep an eye on your cat after they’ve first used the crystal litter, to make sure they’re not ingesting any of the materials.

Is silica crystal cat litter better than other types of litter?

Crystal cat litter is more absorbent than clay cat litter or clumping litters, and it doesn’t produce dusty clouds when your cat scratches or digs. It’s also less likely to stick to your cat’s fur than other types of litter.

However, it can be more expensive for cat owners than other types of litter, and some cats may not like the feel. If your cat is resistant towards crystal litter, try mixing it with regular litter to gradually get them used to it.

Are cat litter crystals good for cats?

Cat litter crystals can be beneficial for your kitty because they’re more absorbent than other types of litter – without the annoying dust clouds that can come with clay or clumping litters.

Cats can also often find crystal litter more pleasant to walk on due to its soft, smooth texture. The only time crystal cat litter is not good for cats is if they eat the crystals. Even though the gel crystal litter is made from is non-toxic, it can still cause an upset stomach or blockage if eaten.

How often should I change crystal cat litter?

Crystal cat litter should be changed every two to three weeks, or as needed. Be sure to scoop out solid waste daily and stir the crystals to keep them fresh. When it’s time for a full change, dump out the used crystals and wash the litter box with warm soapy water. Rinse it thoroughly and dry it before adding fresh crystals.


I hope you’ve found this post on my top picks for the best crystal cat litter useful. Remember, crystal litter is a great option for cats because it’s more absorbent than other types of litter and doesn’t produce dusty clouds, and it won’t irritate or cling to their fur.

Just don’t forget to make sure the crystals are non-toxic and that your cat doesn’t eat them. And if your kitty isn’t sold on crystal litter at first, add in some regular litter so they’ll become used to it over time.

To make sure your furry pal’s litter tray is as fresh and sanitary as possible, change the crystal cat litter every two to three weeks, and scoop out solids daily. When it’s time for a full change, wash the box and swap out the old crystals with new ones. Here’s to a healthy, happy, hygienic kitty!