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The Best Dog Bed Ramp: 8 Great Picks for Independent Pups

If you’re a busy pet parent with a precocious pup, you’ll know how hard it is to keep an eye on them at all times – even when they’re napping! A dog bed ramp can be a great way to give your pup the freedom to come and go from their cozy beds, while still keeping them safe.

The best dog bed ramps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to tailor it specifically to your best pet pal’s exact needs. From taller ramps for larger dogs to shorter ones made specifically for small breeds, there are plenty of options available that will help keep them safe and comfortable.

Dog bed ramps are a great choice if you want to increase your pup’s independence and protect them from joint or paw injuries. They make it easier to get in and out of bed without having to jump or strain their legs. With a ramp, you can ensure that your dog is comfortable and secure when heading up or down from the bed.

Dog bed ramps were first used as a way to help elderly and disabled dogs, but now they’re becoming increasingly popular for all our furry four-legged friends. In this post, I’ll take a look at eight of the best dog ramps you can find today. So, let’s get to it!

What Is a Dog Bed Ramp?

A dog bed ramp is exactly what it sounds like – a device that helps your pet climb onto or off the bed without having to jump. It can be used for beds with higher sides or even for sofas and couches.

Dog ramps are usually made from non-skid material, such as plastic, rubber, or foam, and they come in various sizes and shapes, just like our beloved pooches. They’re usually adjustable in various ways to accommodate different heights and angles. Plus, a collapsible dog ramp means Rover can nap practically anywhere!

When choosing a dog bed ramp that best suits your furry friend’s needs, remember to consider their size, weight, age, and any injuries or ailments they’re dealing with.


What Is the Best Dog Bed Ramp?

Here are my top picks for the best dog bed ramp:

Best Carpeted Dog Bed Ramp

Frisco Deluxe Wooden Carpeted Cat & Dog Ramp

1) Frisco Deluxe Wooden Carpeted Cat & Dog Ramp

The Frisco Deluxe Wooden Carpeted Cat & Dog Ramp is the perfect way to help your furry friend get around the house. It’s made of sturdy wood and soft carpeting, so it’s comfortable and durable.

Top Features

  • Carpeted surface ensures traction for a confident climb
  • Best suited to small or medium pooches
  • Highly stable wooden frame
  • Gentle climbing angle

Bottom Line

Pet parents, make your life easier and give your furry friend the height boost they need with this wooden ramp from Frisco by Chewy. Any couch or bed will be within reach for your pup after using this gentle climbing angled ramp.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about it wobbling or tipping over; the solid wood frame makes it sturdy and highly stable. And the carpeted walking surface has ribbing for added traction – meaning your dog can confidently walk to and from bed, every time.

Best Wooden Dog Bed Ramp

2) PetSafe CozyUp Wooden Cat & Dog Ramp

The PetSafe CozyUp Wood Bed Cat & Dog Ramp is the perfect choice to give your pooch a leg up into a high bed safely and with ease.

Top Features

  • 25-inch ramp means your pup’s bed is always within reach
  • Can support 120 pounds of weight
  • Ultra-safe carpeted surface
  • Durable wooden design

Bottom Line

This convenient bed ramp for pets gives your furry friend the freedom to come and go as they please while protecting their joints from those risky jumps and stunts. The sturdy wood construction is designed for durability and long-lasting use while the stylish finish will complement any home’s décor nicely.

This pet ramp measures 25 inches tall and is built to support pets up to 120 pounds. It comes complete with a heavy-duty carpet surface to give your buddy the traction they need to get up and down safely, morning, noon, or night.

Best Hybrid Dog Bed Ramp

PetSafe CozyUp Dog & Cat Steps & Ramp

3) PetSafe CozyUp Dog & Cat Steps & Ramp

This hybrid steps and ramp combo from PetSafe is a convenient and compact way to help your furry friend walk or climb to their favorite napping spot whenever they need a hand.

Top Features

  • Versatile – use as steps or as a ramp
  • Height is adjustable
  • Folds flat for easy home or vehicle storage
  • Non-slip carpeted surface

Bottom Line

This PetSafe CozyUp bed ramp is a godsend for pet parents! It easily transitions from steps to a ramp and has multiple uses – as stairs by your bed at night, or as a ramp by your couch during the day.

Carpet covers keep your furry friend safe from slipping, and it can support pets up to 200 pounds. Plus, the steps fold flat when you need to put them away.

Best Bed Ramp for Older Dogs

4) Gentle Rise Dog Bed Ramp

If you want your senior dog to enjoy sleeping in your bed while avoiding any serious injuries they could sustain while trying to make the jump, then a gentle rise dog bed ramp is perfect for you.

Top Features

  • Super strong grip minimizes joint fatigue
  • Non-slip rubber surface
  • Supports pups weighing 130 pounds
  • Side rail can be installed on the right or left

Bottom Line

The Gentle Rise Dog Bed Ramp is the easy, safe solution for senior dogs that have trouble getting on and off your bed. With a gradual slope, this dog ramp provides elderly canines with the ability to move freely in and out of their favorite resting place without fear of injury.

The pine frame imported from Finland makes it sturdy yet lightweight, while the poplar plywood platform ensures durability. Whether big or small, all dogs deserve accessibility to your bed, and now they can have it!

Best Plastic Dog Bed Ramp

Pet Gear Cat & Dog Stairs & Ramp

5) Pet Gear Cat & Dog Stairs & Ramp

This heavy-duty plastic ramp and stairs combo from Pet Gear is easy to set up, and the angle of the slope will protect your pup’s joints over time. Plus, it’s super lightweight.

Top Features

  • Gentle incline helps aging dogs stay healthy
  • Quick snap assembly
  • Highly durable plastic
  • Machine washable tread

Bottom Line

The Pet Gear Cat & Dog Stairs & Ramp offers a variety of functions that benefit both pets and pet parents. Pups have easy access to wherever they want to go, whether it’s hard-to-reach places like beds and couches or simply getting around the house.

The machine washable carpet tread is perfect for keeping things clean, while the rubber grips keep everything in place – even if your pup is excited! Plus, it’s so light that you can move it around easily as needed.

Best Adjustable Indoor Bed Ramp

6) Carlson Heritage & Home Indoor Wooden Cat & Dog Ramp

This stylish indoor dog bed ramp is a great way to make sure your best pet pal can get on or off their favorite snoozing spot whenever the mood takes them. It’s adjustable to a number of different heights and the stylish carpet matches any interior.

Top Features

  • Help your pooch access their preferred indoor spots with ease
  • Fully height adjustable and supremely lightweight
  • Ribbed carpet surfaces provides maximum traction
  • High spec wood construction

Bottom Line

The Carlson Heritage & Home Indoor Wooden Cat & Dog Ramp is the perfect solution for pet parents who want to help their furry friends access higher places.

The fully adjustable ramp can be set at a range of different heights, and the ribbed carpet surface provides maximum traction for your pup’s paws. It’s lightweight but also durable so you can move it around easily, and its stylish white finish and matching gray carpet makes it fit right in with any interior. A top choice for both your house and your hound.

Best Two-Piece Dog Bed Ramp

Royal Ramps Dog & Cat Ramp & Landing

7) Royal Ramps Dog & Cat Ramp & Landing

With Royal Ramps Dog & Cat Ramp & Landing, bonding on the bed or sofa with your furry friend is now more regal than ever. This two-piece ramp with landing, made in the USA from only the best materials, lets your four-legged pal join you for some much-needed loving or a well-deserved nap whenever they want.

Top Features

  • High-quality, American made design
  • Designed for lower surfaces
  • Lightweight and durable for easy placement and transportation
  • Machine washable covers make cleaning a breeze

Bottom Line

With this fantastic piece of kit from Royal Ramps, you can give elderly dogs or arthritic pets more independence without worrying about them straining their joints or hurting themselves.

The furniture-grade fabric is machine-washable and almost impossible to stain, and the industrial-grade foam will last as long as you and your dog’s special friendship. You can also choose from several colors to match any room in your house. Plus, your furry four-legged pal will be able to get to their favorite relaxation spot with no stress at all, any time.

Best Ramp Suitable for Vehicle Use

PetSafe Happy Ride Extendable Dog Car Ramp

8) PetSafe Happy Ride Extendable Dog Car Ramp

The roads less traveled are now open to your furry buddy with the PetSafe Happy Ride Extendable Dog Car Ramp. This lightweight and portable ramp is perfect for giving your pet a leg up – whether it’s onto the couch or bed for some snuggles or into your car for a road trip with Rover.

Top Features

  • Fully adjustable pull-to-extend mechanism
  • Fiberglass, telescoping design
  • Supports dogs of up to 300 pounds in weight
  • Rubber feet for a maximum traction surface

Bottom Line

The PetSafe Happy Ride Extendable Dog Car Ramp is the perfect way to help your pet enjoy a life full of adventure. It’s lightweight and portable, so you can take it anywhere you go, but also strong enough to hold up to 300 pounds of weight.

The rubber feet provide maximum traction for your pup’s paws and the fiberglass design is sturdy and durable. Plus, the adjustable extension mechanism makes it easy to adjust between different heights so you can always find the perfect height for your pup. This dog bed ramp is ideal for car trips and other adventures with Fido!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you train a dog to use a ramp to get on and off the bed?

Training your furry friend to use a dog bed ramp is a simple process for most pups – whether you’ve got medium sized dogs, small breed dogs, or larger pooches learning to use your pet ramps.

Start by placing the dog ramp for beds up against the side of the bed and teaching your dog to navigate it by walking up and down. If they get the hang of it fast, that’s a sign you’ve probably got your hands on the best dog ramp for them!

Give your dog lots of treats for making progress and never force them to go up or down if they seem anxious or uncomfortable. The best dog ramp will instill them with confidence, so try and go for a very sturdy ramp. This will be particularly helpful for small dogs and large dogs alike.

When should I get my dog a ramp?

That really depends on the individual needs of your pup. If they’re an older dog or have joint problems or disabilities, then a ramp can be beneficial to help with getting into and out of vehicles or onto furniture. For these types of issues, it’s best to install a ramp as soon as possible so that your pet can continue to lead an active, healthy life.

If you notice them struggling or having difficulty with jumping or stairs, then a ramp can be a great solution. Keep in mind that the best dog ramp will also help younger pups that may benefit from the extra exercise and muscle development that comes with using a ramp.

Ultimately, it’s up to you and your pet to decide if installing a dog ramp is the right choice for your furry friend. But remember they can also be useful in terms of helping healthy dogs stay active and get more exercise in general, not just for those that are having problems.


There you have my best recommendations for dog bed ramps you can get your hands on today. Dog ramps can be a great way for your pup to exercise and build their leg muscles, and also help them prevent injuries they might sustain from jumping onto furniture or into vehicles.

When looking for your perfect dog bed ramp, remember to take into account its height, size, and weight capacity as well what it’s made of. The sturdiest and most durable dog bed ramps will have a strong and slip-resistant surface, as well as be made with materials like wood or metal that can withstand your pet’s weight. Good luck in your search for a dog bed ramp, and here’s to many years with a healthy, active, independent pup!