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The Best SUV Dog Ramp: 8 Strong and Sturdy Choices

SUV dogs ramps are an essential accessory for any pet parent with a large truck or car. A well-designed dog car ramp gives your best pal the confidence to easily get in and out of the vehicle, which can be especially helpful when your pup has joint issues or is elderly.

But with so many different types of dog ramps available, it can be difficult to know which one is right for your dog. That’s why I’ve put together a list of the best SUV dog ramps based on factors including price, safety, durability, and weight capacity.

What Is an SUV Dog Ramp?

An SUV dog ramp is a product designed to help your pup get in and out of your car or truck, as an alternative to dog stairs. It can be a permanent or temporary solution, depending on the design you choose.

Permanent ramps feature durable construction and usually attach to the inside of an SUV, whereas temporary solutions tend to be lighter weight and are often free-standing or portable. SUV dog ramps are great for pups that have mobility issues or are simply too large to be lifted in and out of the vehicle by their doting pet parent!

There are several types of SUV dog ramps available on the market, including folding models, telescoping models, and spring-assisted models.

Folding ramps can be easily stored when not in use, while telescoping ramps allow you to adjust the length of the ramp to accommodate different heights. Spring-assisted models are lighter weight and help to reduce strain on your pup’s joints.

When selecting a dog ramp, it’s important to consider its size, weight capacity, and materials used in construction. You also want to make sure that you select a ramp that has a non-slip surface to guarantee your pup’s safety while they’re using the ramp. Additionally, you should make sure that the ramp is easy to clean and store when not in use.

Dog car ramps provide a great solution for pet parents who don’t want to lift their pup into and out of their vehicle, or who have dogs with joint issues or other mobility problems. With a variety of different types available, you can find one that fits your needs and your pup’s size and comfort level.

What Is the Best SUV Dog Ramp?

Here are my top picks for the best dog ramp for SUVs:

Best Telescoping Dog Ramp

PetSafe Happy Ride Telescoping Dog Car Ramp

1) PetSafe Happy Ride Telescoping Dog Car Ramp

Older dogs that suffer from arthritis often have a tough time getting in and out of cars. But with PetSafe’s Happy Ride Telescoping Dog Car Ramp, they can simply walk right in – without needing any help to lift them up.

Top Features

  • Easy access for older or struggling pups
  • Compact storage with safety latch
  • Stable, high traction surface
  • Lightweight aluminum frame

Bottom Line

The telescoping design of this ramp means it can be adjusted to fit your car, SUV, or truck perfectly. The aluminum build might seem flimsy at first glance because it’s lightweight, but don’t let that fool you – it’s incredibly sturdy and can hold a lot of weight.

This ramp can hold pups between 300 and 400 pounds, and with a slip-resistant walking surface, you can rest assured your dog won’t fall. Plus, it doesn’t take up much space so you can store it without worry! It’s compact enough to keep in the trunk or garage when needed.

Best Minivan Dog Ramp

PetSafe Happy Ride Foldable Dog Car Ramp

2) PetSafe Happy Ride Foldable Dog Car Ramp

No pooch is left behind with the PetSafe Happy Ride Foldable Dog Car Ramp that lets your furry friend join you on car rides without having to jump in and out of the vehicle. And, this easy access ramp keeps their joints healthy.

Top Features

  • Perfect for minivans, SUVs and cars
  • Ultra lightweight at 10lbs
  • Anti-slip side rails
  • Protects your dog’s joints from wear and tear

Bottom Line

PetSafe’s Happy Ride Foldable Dog Car Ramp is perfect for dogs that need a little help getting in and out of the car. The high-traction surface keeps your pup from slipping, while the side rails provide extra stability.

You won’t have any trouble moving this dog ramp in and out of your vehicle, despite it being able to support dogs that weigh up to 150 pounds, it’s incredibly lightweight and movable.

Not only does it fold up for storage, but this ramp works with all types of cars including minivans and SUVs. So, why not help your furry friend get in and out of the car easily, so your adventures together can start off right?

Best Lightweight Dog Ramp

3) Pet Gear Travel Lite Bi-Fold Dog Car Ramp with SupertraX

This durable ramp allows your best four-legged pal to easily get into your SUV without risking injury or straining their back.

Top Features

  • Super lightweight at only 7 pounds
  • Can support dogs weighing up to 200 pounds
  • Removable mat for stability
  • Includes vehicle safety tether

Bottom Line

The Pet Gear Travel Lite Bi-Fold Dog & Cat Ramp with SupertraX is perfect for giving your furry friend the extra support they need qetting in or out of your car.

The pressure-activated, removable SupertraX mat provides more grip and stability by expanding the paw’s surface area in contact with it. To prevent slipping, there are rubberized grips on the bottom of the ramp. Plus, a safety tether is included to secure the ramp firmly to your vehicle.

When not in use, this bi-fold ramp stores away easily and even has a carry handle for convenient transport wherever you go together!

Best Portable Dog Ramp

Pet Gear Full Length Bi-Fold Dog Car Ramp

4) Pet Gear Full Length Bi-Fold Dog Car Ramp

The Bi-Fold Pet Ramp has a textured surface to help your pet grip the ramp, even when it’s wet. Plus, there is a carry handle so you can easily bring it with you wherever you go.

Top Features

  • Designed for aging or less mobile pups
  • Rubber grips prevent sliding
  • ideal for backseat storage
  • Carry handle makes for enhanced portability

Bottom Line

Even the most nimble dogs will find it difficult to get in and out of cars without a pet ramp! The Pet Gear Full Length Bi-Fold Pet Ramp is the perfect car ramp for any pup that needs a little help getting around.

It unfolds easily and provides a sturdy climb for even aging dogs that are more susceptible to joint pain. When not in use, the ramp folds up neatly so you can save space in your home or car.

Best Reflective Dog Ramp

Pet Gear Reflective Extra Wide Foldable Dog Car Ramp

5) Pet Gear Reflective Extra Wide Foldable Dog Car Ramp

This ramp is crafted with reflective material, making it easier for your pet to see where they’re walking and ensuring a confident entrance and exit to your car or truck.

Top Features

  • Reflective material for high visibility
  • High traction surface to stop slipping
  • Rubber grips add safety and stability
  • Folds for easy storage

Bottom Line

Help your pet feel confident and get to those difficult-to-reach places with the Pet Gear Reflective Extra Wide Foldable Dog Car Ramp.

This ramp allows easy access for your furry friend into your car, truck, or SUV. It also has a skid-resistant tread, meaning it will be safe and steady for them at all times – even when wet.

The reflectors make this ramp visible when in use so that it’s always safe; not to mention, the rubber grippers on the bottom keep the ramp stable too. Another great plus point of this ramp is its folding design which doesn’t take up much space at home or on-the go. Because let’s face it, nobody likes clutter! Finally, there’s also a carry handle attached making portability super easy – it really is one of the best dog ramps for SUVs!

Best Dog Ramp for Smaller Pets

TRIXIE Short Safety Cat & Dog Ramp

6) TRIXIE Short Safety Cat & Dog Ramp

The Trixie Short Safety Cat & Do Ramp is the perfect way to help your furry best pal safely navigate getting in and out of your vehicle by themselves, increasing their confidence with each use.

Top Features

  • Made with safety in mind to increase your dog’s confidence
  • Protects and promotes joint health
  • Durable, easy clean plastic
  • Perfect for smaller or injured dogs

Bottom Line

If you have small, elderly, or senior dogs, this ramp is perfect for them. It gives them the independence to move around and explore while also protecting their joints from further injury.

The indoor/outdoor design means that it can be used in all weathers and environments, while the non-slip coating and side rails means your pup can go up and down as many times as they like without worrying about falling.

And not only is this ramp easy to keep clean due to its durable plastic construction – it can hold pets weighing up to 110 pounds, too.

Best Truck Bed Dog Ramp

7) Frisco Bi-Fold Travel Dog Car Ramp

7) Frisco Bi-Fold Travel Dog Car Ramp

This foldable ramp is perfect for adventurous dogs that need a little help getting in and out of your SUV or truck – and works particularly well with truck beds.

Top Features

  • Folds in half for ultra easy storage
  • Safety latch means it stays closed when not in use
  • Anti-slip rubber bottom keeps ramp firmly in place
  • Supports dogs weighing up to 150 pounds

Bottom Line

No more lifting your pet into your car, truck, or SUV! The Bi-Fold Travel Dog Car Ramp by Frisco allows them to walk right into your vehicle on their own.

Just unfold the ramp and place it wherever they need to go, then watch as they independently make their way up and down, safely.

And when it’s time to set off and explore new terrain, fold it up into its compact, bi-fold profile and store it out of the way. Help your furry friend reach new heights with this handy, sturdy dog ramp.

Best Dog Ramp for Larger Dogs

8) Coziwow by Jaxpety Foldable Dog Vehicle Ramp

The Foldable Dog Vehicle Ramp from Coziwow by Jaxpety is the perfect way to help your larger or medium sized furry friend get in and out of vehicles with ease and safety.

Top Features

  • Great for medium or larger sized pups
  • Durable dog ramp thanks to polypropylene construction
  • Textured, non-slip coating
  • Compact design with safety latch included

Bottom Line

If you have a medium to large dog, this ramp is perfect for you as it’s durable enough to hold up to 150 pounds. Additionally, the textured coating on the surface of the ramp provides high traction and prevents your dog from slipping. Plus, it folds up easily and has a safety lock for easy storage while on-the-go.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the safest dog ramp?

The safest dog ramp is one that has non-slip surfaces, side rails for greater security and stability, rubber feet to stay in place, and a latch to enhance security.

Other signs of a well constructed, safe dog ramp include: a weight capacity far stronger than the weight of your dog, durable materials and construction, and smoothed down edges that won’t scratch or nick your four-legged best pal.

Make sure you also measure the height of where your pup will be using the ramp, and get one tall enough for them to bound out safely.

What is the best slope for a dog ramp?

The best slope for a dog ramp is one that offers a gentle incline, with the steepest point no more than 25 degrees. The shallower the incline, the easier and safer it will be to use in most cases.

However, if your pup is elderly or has difficulty climbing stairs, then you may want to opt for an even more gradual slope.

Don’t forget to consider the height of your pup and the height they will be trying to reach when getting a ramp. That should help you determine what incline works best for your pet’s needs.

What makes a good dog ramp?

A good dog ramp should tick as many of the following possible boxes. To find a ramp that’ll give your furry friend the best experience, look for one that’s: durable and able to hold a lot of weight, has non-slip surfaces for better grip and safety, and has side rails for more stability and security.

Try and get one that uses rubber feet to stay in place as needed, comes with a latch for even greater security when not in use, and has smoothed down edges to prevent scratches to your dog.


I hope you’ve found my top picks for the best dog ramps a useful guide. Pet gear is an important element of your pup’s life, so don’t forget to look for ramps that feature a non-slip coating, side rails, and rubber feet for safety.

To make maintaining dog ramps for cars easier, go for durable lightweight materials that wipe clean. For medium to large size dogs, look for ramps with a high-traction surface to help prevent slips.

And if you need something portable, consider getting a folding dog ramp. If a ramp folds easily and has a safety lock, storage anywhere will be no trouble. Finally, consider the slope – it should be gradual and easy enough for your pet to walk up on their own.

Most dog ramps will have a combination of these features, so with minimal research you should be able to find the absolutely right dog ramp for your pup to get them safely in and out of your vehicle with ease. Happy travels with your dog!