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12 Healthy & Creative Cat Lick Mat Recipe Ideas

Have you discovered the fantastic benefits of lick mats for cats? They’re a great source of mental and physical stimulation and can help keep your kitty both happy and healthy!

Just like lick mats for dogs, cat lick mats are a fun, easy alternative to a wet and dry feeder or even traditional feeding bowls. That’s why both cat and dog trainers around the world recommend these useful and inexpensive products.

But what can you put on a cat lick mat to make it extra special for your furry friend? In this post, I’ve put together a list of my favorite cat lick mat recipes. From special salmon-flavored concoctions to classic catnip treats, here are twelve creative lick mat recipe ideas your kitty will love!

Canned salmon on a plate

1) Salmon & Tuna

A lick mat covered in healthy canned fish is one of the best go-to options. This classic combination of flavors will have your cat purring in delight. Simply spread a layer of salmon wet food on one side and tuna on the other. Some cats prefer feeding on one side, so you can always adjust the amount of wet food according to your kitty’s preferences.

2) Sardine & Catnip

Looking for a popular lick mat recipe for cats? Sardine and catnip is sure to be a winner. Simply mix some mashed sardines with a sprinkle of catnip and spread it onto the lick mat for an irresistible treat.

3) Turkey & Cheese

This savory combination is sure to please your kitty, and it’s super easy to make. Just spread a layer of mashed turkey on one side and cheese on the other for an appetizing lick mat treat. Go easy on the cheese though, as too much can be bad for cats.

Grated cheese

4) Raw Veggies & Lamb

This combination is a great way to get your cat to eat their veggies. Mash up some raw vegetables and mix in a spoonful of lamb, then spread onto the lick mat for a nutritious treat.

5) Chicken & Applesauce

A classic favorite for cats – with a twist! This combination is sure to tantalize your cat’s taste buds. Just spread a layer of mashed chicken onto one side and applesauce on the other and watch your kitty lap it up.

6) Plain Yogurt & Kibble

Tasty, spreadable treats are a favorite with cats – and this combo is great for those that may be a little under the weather. Just mix some plain yogurt with kibble, spread it onto the lick mat, and let your cat lap it up for an energy boost.

A jar of yogurt

7) Microwave Minced Meat & Tuna

This is a great combination for cats that don’t like wet food. Just mix some mincemeat with tuna, spread it onto the lick mat, and let your cat enjoy this delicious treat.

8) Mashed Sweet Potato & Salmon

Mashed sweet potato and salmon make a great combination for cats, as both are full of nutrients and flavor. Simply mix together some mashed sweet potatoes and salmon, spread onto the lick mat, and let your cat go to town.

9) Egg & Cooked Vegetables

This is an excellent way to provide your cat with some extra protein. Just mix together an egg and some cooked, pet-safe veggies, spread them onto the lick mat for cats, and let them enjoy this lip-licking treat.

Chopped broccoli and carrots in a pan

10) Chicken Liver & Cream Cheese

A delicious combination of flavors, chicken liver and cheese make a great lick mat snack. Just spread some cooked chicken liver on one side and cheese on the other for a tasty mashup of spreadable treats. Liver is best for cats in small doses, so make sure you feed your kitty this snack as an occasional meal only.

11) Chicken Broth

You can pour chicken broth over your cat’s entire lick mat for a delicious lick-a-thon. You can also mix it with your favorite cat food and spread it over the mat for an extra fun treat they’ll thank you for!

12) Your Cat’s Favorite Toys and Games

Your cat’s favorite toys, balls, and games can be integrated into their lick mat routine for an extra fun time. Simply place small pieces of your kitty’s favorite game or toy onto the lick mat and spread it with their favorite canned food for a treat your cat won’t forget!

What Kind of Lick Mat Should I Get for My Cat?

When it comes to choosing the best lick mat for cats, the key is to find something that’s easy to clean and won’t wear down quickly. Your feline best pal will want to eat everything, and you want them to lick it all up without wearing out their mat.

Look for mats that are made of silicone or rubber, as these materials are durable and resistant to bacteria. There are also special lick mats on the market specifically designed for cats, so have a look around and see what suits your kitty best. You could grab a few classic Lickimats like these, which have slow feeder options and are suitable for microwave food and cling wrap too!

Test These Tasty Lick Mat Ideas – and more – on Your Kitty!

Now that you know what to look for in a lick mat and some of the best combinations to try, why not get your feline furry friend their own lick mat and let them test out these tasty ideas – and more – for themselves?

Remember to always keep an eye on your feline friend while they play and eat, and clean your kitty’s lick mat after each use. That way, you can be sure of a safe, healthy, and tasty licking experience for your cat. Enjoy!