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21 Creative Bearded Dragon Tank Ideas

Bearded dragons are excellent pets that can bring hours of enjoyment to your home. But if you are starting your bearded dragon’s tank from scratch, you’ll want to ensure they have some elements from their natural habitat, such as a basking light, plants, and maybe even a reptile hammock.

Setting up your bearded dragon habitat can be fun and creative, but if you need ideas on what to purchase, try something different than the run-of-the-mill items in local pet stores. Plenty of fresh possibilities will create an exciting home for your new reptilian friend.

If you’re looking for creative bearded dragon tank ideas, you’ve come to the right place. So, whether you’re looking for a new décor theme or want to add some fun enrichment items, read on for some great ideas. This blog post will explore 21 ways to spruce up your beardie’s home.

21 Creative Bearded Dragon Tank Ideas for Your Beardie’s Tank

Ready to get creative? Keep reading to see 21+ unique ideas that bearded dragons love to see in their tanks.

A bearded dragon surrounded by red foliage

Wild Nature Tank Ideas

Wild nature tanks are the perfect way to make your aquarium stand out. You can make any tank lively and engaging with various plants and vines. Reptiles like bearded dragons love to enjoy a little nature in their tank, so why not make it a reality by adding some life?

1) Bearded Dragon Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are a great way to make your bearded dragon’s tank look and feel more like its natural environment. Choose various colors and styles to make your bearded dragons feel at home with something to climb into and play on. A hanging branch will often use two or more suction cups to seal to the side of your bearded dragon’s tank to give them something to climb up for exercise and enrichment.

2) Bearded Dragon Vines (or Ivy)

Vines and ivy are great for bearded dragon tanks because they provide a natural way to hide, explore, and climb. You can use living or plastic hanging vines for an extra touch of wild jungle to add to your bearded dragon’s cage. This tank accessory idea will give your bearded dragon’s claws a chance to get some much-needed climbing done and help replicate a bearded dragon’s natural habitat.

3) Bearded Dragon Water Circulator

A water circulator is an exciting addition to any tank. It helps keep the water at optimal temperatures for your new bearded dragon and creates a calming atmosphere for your dragon enclosure. This is an exceptionally creative bearded dragon terrarium idea, as it will keep your dragon happy and incorporate a more natural feel to its vivarium.

4) Bearded Dragon Hammock

Many bearded dragons enjoy a comfortable place to relax in their tank, and with a hanging hammock, you give your bearded dragon a chance to relax and enjoy their home. These cozy spots are great for lizards, as they can rest in the sun’s warmth or hide away when they need a break. You can hang it easily in your tank and give your dragon its own special spot to rest.

5) Bearded Dragon Green Reptile Carpet

A green reptile carpet is a fun way to add color and texture to your bearded dragon’s tank. This carpet is easy to clean and will go nicely with a jungle/wild nature theme in your bearded dragon tank setup. Reptile carpet also provides your bearded dragon with a soft, comfortable place to rest and explore, which is always a plus.

A bearded dragon on a branch

Natural Desert Tank Ideas

There are so many incredible ways of decorating a natural desert tank that dragon keepers love to show off in their homes. With just a bit of knowledge and creativity, you can transform the look of your tank in no time. Bringing together sand and soil substrates to replicate a desert look is an easy way to give your tank a unique edge.

Many dragon keepers like to test out using hardy plants like cacti, succulents, and desert grasses. As you start playing around with your natural desert theme, you will create a mesmerizing masterpiece that will surely keep your bearded dragon happy before you know it.

6) Bearded Dragon Desert Driftwood Decor

If you are considering a natural desert-style bearded dragon habitat, consider using a piece of desert driftwood decor. This unique scenery can give your tank a rustic look, and the various cracks in the driftwood provide great hiding places for your dragon.

7) Bearded Dragon Skull Hideout

If you want your bearded dragon’s home to be one-of-a-kind, think about using a skull as a hiding place for your bearded dragon. This accessory will bring an extra touch of life to your tank and provide a safe space for your reptilian friend.

8) Bearded Dragon Stone Decor

Stones look great in a desert-themed bearded dragon vivarium, especially when paired with clay to give a hot desert feel to the tank. Various stone varieties and sizes are available, so find one that works for your tank. You could use a stone hideout or a rock that you find in nature on a hike. Bearded dragons love to bask in the hot sun and will appreciate the warmth of the stone under a heat lamp.

9) Bearded Dragon Desert Sand

Sand will make your dragon feel close to its habitat in the wild. Of course, you can use many different types of ground covering in a beardie’s tank, but natural desert sand is a great way to provide that exotic desert feel to your bearded dragon enclosure. Experiment with Australian desert sand or consider using reptile excavator clay too.

A bearded dragon in a dark tank

Hide and Seek Ideas Tank Ideas

Many dragon keepers choose to create a hiding place for their DIY bearded dragon tank, many of which you can find online or at a local pet store. Get creative with your bearded dragon tank setup and provide multiple hiding spots for your beardie to hang out when they are not feeling very social.

10) Bearded Dragon Tent

A small tent can give your adult bearded dragon a place to sleep and also give your bearded dragon habitat a unique style. These tents come in all different designs and can easily be placed in the corner of your tank.

11) Bearded Dragon Mossy Cave

A mossy cave gives your tank’s floor a pop of color and will provide your bearded dragon tank with something for them to explore and hide in. Choose a mossy cave that adds texture to your bearded dragon’s habitat and gives it more of an outdoor feeling to explore.

12) Bearded Dragon Coconut Ladder Cave

Coconut hideout ladders are a great way to add texture and height to your bearded dragon tank. The coconut fiber and ladder provide a climbing structure on top of the covered area, and the little hideout completes the look.

13) Bearded Dragon Cactus Cave

Cacti caves are perfect additions to a desert-themed tank and give your beardie a chance to hide and rest when tired. These caves come in various styles and sizes, so you can find one that works best for your tank and beardie’s needs.

A bearded dragon on a piece of wood.

Colorful Ideas Tank Ideas

If you’re looking to jumpstart your imagination, a colorful bearded dragon enclosure is the way to go. Fill it with all sorts of fun, bright and attractive colors, and let your creativity flow. Thinking outside the box is critical here, and the sky’s the limit when incorporating vibrant hues into your beardie’s everyday life.

14) Bearded Dragon Glow-in-the-dark decor

If you’re a dragon keeper looking for something more out of the norm, consider a glow-in-the-dark decoration for your bearded dragon tank. Create a unique atmosphere with glowing ornamentation and watch as your little beardie explores bright glowing plants, rocks, and more.

15) Bearded Dragon Colorful Plants

Plastic plants for a bearded dragon tank setup can come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Inject some life into your tank with colorful plants that add dimension and can be used for climbing and exploring. You can find green, yellow, red, or even pink plants to add to your tank for extra color options.

16) Bearded Dragon Bright Beardie Toys

Bearded dragons love to play, so adding fun and brightly colored toys can make all the difference. Brilliantly colored dragon toys are great because many bearded dragons are attracted to colorful objects, and providing enrichment is excellent for your dragon’s health.

17) Bearded Dragon Colorful Tank Liner

If you want to take your tank design to the next level, consider getting a colorful tank liner. Not only will it make your enclosure much more visually appealing, but it will also make cleaning much more straightforward.

A beardie under a heat lamp on a rock

Bearded Dragon Cozy Tank Ideas

Setting up a cozy tank for bearded dragons has never been easier. Just look for an area where your pet can easily hide or rest and add some much-needed warmth for your cold-blooded pet. If you use these in addition to other equipment like a water and food bowl, UVB light, or temperature gauges, you’ll have a set up for a comfortable and relaxed home-away-from-home for your pet.

18) Bearded Dragon Heat Lamp

The most essential cozy tank addition is a heat lamp for your new reptile. Bearded dragons need an environment with a temperature ranging from 70°F to 85°F, and the best way to achieve this is with a heat lamp.

19) Bearded Dragon Bed

Creative bearded dragon enclosures usually have something that gives the tank some distinct personality, and a bearded dragon bed is just the thing to make your creative tank nice and cozy too. Whether a soft cushion or an intricate tree branch, creating a comfortable and inviting sleeping spot for your pet will make them feel right at home.

20) Bearded Dragon Basking Rock

Not only does a basking rock provide your pet with a comfortable place to sit and soak up the warmth from their heat lamp, but it also gives them a great view of the tank. There are so many different basking rocks to choose from, so pick one that fits the overall theme of your tank.

21) Bearded Dragon Textured Wall Decor

If you already have all the essentials to create a cozy environment for your beardie, consider getting textured wall decor made from natural fibers such as cork or real wood. This will give your tank a unique look and feel while helping your pet have a chance to climb around the walls of their home.

Final Thoughts on Creative Tank Ideas for Your Spiky Little Friend

Overall, tank design and decoration are great ways to show off your style and creativity skills. Combining the ideas outlined here can help you create a fantastic living room piece that will be something to behold.

From the wild nature tank ideas with its tall plants and vines to the cozy tank ideas with a warm basking spot, whatever setup you decide, it’s guaranteed to tote a bit of natural flair into your home.

Maybe your tank creation will even become popular enough to inspire others. Remember, no matter how small your aquarium is, as long as you put yourself into it and make it unique, nothing stops you from having a wonderful bearded dragon enclosure experience.