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Solliquin Behavioral Health Supplement Review (2023)

Is your cherished four-legged companion grappling with stress, anxiousness, or unusual behavior? If so, Nutramax Solliquin Behavioral Supplement could be the ideal solution to improve your pet’s overall wellbeing and temperament.

In this review – one of the most thorough Solliquin reviews you’ll come across – I’ll delve into the essential details you require to make an informed decision about this exceptional supplement.

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What is Solliquin Behavioral Health Supplement?

Solliquin contains a specially crafted formulation designed to support your dog and cat’s mental health and behavioral equilibrium. Available as chewable tablets and soft chews, this supplement features an exclusive blend of natural ingredients like L-Theanine, Magnolia & Phellodendron extracts, and a proprietary Whey Protein Concentrate, all aimed at promoting calm and relaxed behavior in your kitty or pup.

These ingredients synergistically provide your pet with the essential nutrients required for optimal mental health and behavior. The ultimate result for worried pet parents is this: your fearful or stressed pets become more relaxed, less anxious, and better-behaved.

Who Created Solliquin?

Solliquin is a product of Nutramax Laboratories Veterinary Sciences, established in 1992 with a mission to be the leading pet health and wellness company. They aim to offer high-quality, innovative solutions that support the health, wellness, and happiness of your four-legged family members.

With an assortment of functional health supplements for cats and dogs, whether your pet needs joint health support, kidney health, or behavioral help, Nutramax Laboratories has got you covered.

Top Benefits of Solliquin

Let’s examine some of the primary benefits and features of this product that aims to enhance the quality of life for your cherished pet:

  • Promotes mental health: The combination of natural ingredients, including L-Theanine and extracts of Magnolia and Phellodendron, help maintain a balanced mental state, promoting overall behavioral health and comfort.
  • Helps manage anxiety: The supplement aids in managing anxiety-related behaviors, helping your cat or dog stay calm and relaxed – complementing behavioral training.
  • Convenient and palatable: These easy-to-administer chewable tablets or soft chews can be effortlessly incorporated into your pet’s diet.

Best Features of Solliquin

Solliquin stands out due to its unique blend of natural ingredients and palatable flavor that many other animal supplements lack. The following features make it a top choice for pet parents looking to minimize the effect of stressful events on their cats and dogs:


L-Theanine is an amino acid found naturally in green tea that promotes relaxation and calmness in cats and dogs by stimulating their alpha brain waves, helping them manage stress and anxiety. It’s a crucial ingredient in Solliquin that aids in enhancing overall mental health and behavior.

Magnolia & Phellodendron Extracts

These natural extracts work synergistically to help reduce stress and anxiety, promoting your best pet pal’s overall behavioral health and comfort.

Easy To Take

Solliquin is made in a chew form that cats and dogs can swallow easily, making it fast for pet parents to administer.

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Solliquin Pricing

Solliquin is competitively priced and can be purchased online or at select pet stores. The price may vary depending on the retailer and the size of the pack.

Ensure to check for any available discounts or promotions before making a purchase. Note that all Nutramax Laboratories products come with excellent customer service.

Solliquin Pros and Cons

Before making a decision, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of Solliquin. This section will look at customer experiences to provide a balanced view of the product.

Solliquin Pros

  • Effective in improving behavioral health: Many customers have reported noticeable improvements in their pets’ behavior after using Solliquin. Kitties and pups that were previously anxious or stressed appeared more relaxed and behaved better.
  • Tasty formulation: The chewable tablets and soft chews are well-liked by cats. Pet parents have found it easy to incorporate these into their best pet pals diets as they are highly palatable.
  • High-quality ingredients: Nutramax Laboratories takes pride in using high-quality, natural ingredients to ensure the effectiveness and safety of their products. The combination of ingredients and positive effects on brain chemicals and balanced behavior provides the necessary support for your four legged friend’s calmness and health.

Solliquin Cons

  • Some pets may not like the taste: Although most enjoy the flavors of the chewables, there have been reports of some not taking to it, and ending up with gas or an upset stomach. This may vary depending on individual preferences. It’s also essential to be aware of allergies your pet may have that could be triggered by any of the supplements ingredients.

Solliquin Alternatives

If you find that Solliquin is not the right fit for your cat or dog, there are several alternatives available on the market. Some options include Zylkene Behavior Support Capsules, VetriScience Composure Behavioral Health Bite-Sized Chews, and Feliway Classic Diffuser for Cats.

Each product may have different ingredients and features, so make sure to research and compare them to find the best option for your pet.

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Results Achieved With Solliquin

Pros and cons are important, but they can’t match direct results and customer experience when it comes to helping you make the right buying decision. The following accounts come directly from customers who have bought and used Solliquin Behavioral Health Supplement and have left reviews, either directly on the product website or elsewhere.

Customer Experiences Using Solliquin

An enthusiastic customer shares that Solliquin has been an absolute game-changer for her rescued dog. Initially, the dog would cause havoc if left alone during storms or fireworks, destroying doors out of stress. The dog’s condition was intense; she would excessively drool, pant, and shake, causing considerable distress to the owners. The family lives in Florida, where summer storms are an expected stressful event, which made the situation even more challenging in terms of their pet’s daily routine. The family was at the end of their tether, and the constant door repairs were taking a toll.

They consulted a nearby vet who suggested Solliquin. A few weeks into her second bottle of Solliquin, the changes in the dog’s behavior have been nothing short of miraculous. Now, during storms, she’s calm and relaxed, instead of following the owners around in panic, shaking, drooling, or panting. They haven’t yet had the chance to leave her alone during a storm, but so far, Solliquin has proven to be all they’ve needed to manage her stress reactions.

The customer is extremely grateful to the company for such a transformational product and pleads that it never gets discontinued. She can’t thank the company enough for the relief and peace it has brought to their household.

On the flip side, not all customers have had a positive experience with Solliquin.

A disappointed customer bought Solliquin on her vet’s recommendation for a cat suffering from anxiety. Unfortunately, the product didn’t yield the expected results. Despite trying it on another hyperactive cat in the household, she didn’t see any noticeable changes. She wouldn’t recommend Solliquin to others, expressing her dissatisfaction by comparing it to a cat treat rather than an effective supplement.

Another unsatisfied customer tried Solliquin after reading reviews claiming pets loved the supplement. However, none of their three pets would eat the supplement willingly. Even when the product was broken up and mixed with enticing foods like bacon or steak, their pets managed to sniff it out and avoid it. The customer remains uncertain about the supplement’s effectiveness, as they’ve seen no improvement thus far.

Conclusion: Should You Buy Solliquin Behavioral Health Supplement?

Based on the numerous positive experiences and the high-quality ingredients in Solliquin Behavioral Health Supplement, it’s clear that this product can make a difference in your pet’s behavioral health and overall wellbeing. If you’re looking for a convenient and effective way to support your dog or cat’s mental health – perhaps during car rides or other stressful events – that’s different from traditional recommended animal supplements, Solliquin Behavioral Health Supplement may be an excellent choice.

Remember, while many customers rave about the positive effects of Solliquin Behavioral Health Supplement on their pet, others have experienced issues with the taste and side effects. So, it’s essential to consider each pet’s unique needs, preferences, and dietary habits when deciding if Solliquin Behavioral Health Supplement is the right choice for them.

Invest in your pup and kitty’s health and happiness by giving them the support they need with Solliquin Behavioral Health Supplement. Try it today – and see the difference it can make for your furry friend!