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If you clicked on this page, you’re probably wondering about my background, why I do what I do, and – most importantly – if I can help you

So, here’s a quick snapshot:

I’ve had pets my whole life, from my first boxer when I grew up in the small historical town of Haywards Heath, to Bertie the shelter pug when I was teaching in South Korea.

Now, my home is brightened by Otto, my loyal but jumpy dog, and Toppo, a cat who still thinks she’s a kitten (they’re besties, btw).🙂

I love animals, and I feel privileged to have spent a decade working alongside outstanding businesses in the pet and veterinary niche.

Understanding and loving animals is an essential part of what I do...

But more importantly, for you, I understand people. I get people, especially pet owners.

I know why they buy, why they do the things they do, and how they make decisions.

My background in the industry – as a copywriter and marketer, and as a Millennial pet owner – gives me deeper insights into your customers than you’ll get anywhere else.

With a decade of specialized experience and a passion for pets, I’m here to help you convert website visitors into buyers and establish authority in your niche.

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Copywriting Background

Getting into the world of pet and veterinary copywriting was a bit of an accident – but a happy one.

Through my interest and involvement in pet adoption, I started volunteering as a writer to help rescue organizations spread the word about their incredible work.

I’ve always had a knack for writing, so it seemed like the obvious way to donate my time and help pets find their forever homes.

And it all just clicked.

I was able to help animals, help organizations I care about, and do it all through writing.

A definite win-win-win in my book!

So, I decided to invest in myself by taking professional-level copywriting training and build a business doing what I love.

Fast forward to today, and major pet and veterinary brands like Ollie, PetDesk, Only Natural Pet, and Honest Paws have trusted me to help them create powerful, targeted marketing copy.

Leading industry publications like Pet Product News, Animal Wellness Magazine, Veterinary Practice News, and Pet Food Processing Magazine have also published my articles.

Alongside my work with big brands and publications, I’ve really enjoyed teaming up with small business owners, startups, and solo entrepreneurs in the pet and veterinary space.

It’s been just as rewarding and has given me a great perspective on all sides of this vibrant industry.

"A talented copywriter who really understands the pet industry"

Richard is a talented copywriter who really understands the pet industry. I hired him to write the website copy for my dog training business. I was impressed with his professionalism and ability to capture my personality in his writing. I highly recommend Richard if you need an experienced writer who’ll work with you closely to get the job done!

Giulia Danielis

Dog Trainer & Coach, My Kinda Dog


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